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Granite Grating: Edge-to-Edge Pool Luxury

DuraTech™ pool grating is certainly well established in the aquatics industry, and with good reason. It’s tough, slip-resistant, and extremely customizable, thanks to our in-house engineering team.


But what if the project needs something more than function? Sometimes the scope of work demands the highest quality and dramatic, timeless appeal.

For those projects, we have GraniGrate™.


GraniGrate is made from 100% natural granite stone. While using granite as a peerless choice for pool perimeters is relatively new, building with granite is almost as old as civilization itself. Carved monuments from the ancient world attest to the historical popularity of working with granite, while contemporary examples include the base of the Statue of Liberty, and the famous polished black granite of the Vietnam War Memorial.

Granite is seen as being an inviting material. As a symbol of refinement, it is common for new or renovated kitchens to sport granite countertops. It’s surprisingly easy to bring this sense of luxury and status to the pool edge.

No Stone Unturned. Or Misplaced.

Complex aquatic design challenges are no problem when you choose DuraTech. We can produce detailed drawings which include numbering for individual pieces to ensure a quick and snug installation. In-house AutoCAD systems and an experienced team make sure that tricky corner and curved stones arrive on-site ready to fit - no cutting required. 

GraniGrate may be top or flush-mounted to a stainless steel or PVC gutter - whichever best suits the design requirements.




Each beautiful, inherently unique stone is custom made to strict specifications, making it the top choice for high-end applications.


From upscale clubs to luxury hotels, create a truly distinguished pool experience and impress guests with a unique, attractive finish. Call or click to find out how you can upgrade your pool with GraniGrate. 

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